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Live and Walk With Art


A Women owned business specializing in one-of-a-kind handbuilt ceramics, limited edition women's accessories and table linens

We are artisans working with our hands to bring you timeless luxury.


Nina J Design Studios, located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, is a woman-owned business, engaged in the creation of functional and display worthy hand-built ceramics, LIMITED EDITION “wearable art” made from luxurious 100% silk and cotton, table linens and mixed media painting. We are artisans working with our hands to bring you timeless luxury in all our products.

Neena (aka Nina J), who grew up in India, has always had a strong appreciation for nature’s beauty and is a master at bringing natures miracles to life in all her creations. She is an accomplished artist, ceramicist and designer.

The business mission is to glorify nature by harvesting and transforming flowers, leaves and herbs into wearable and functional pieces of art. At the heart of Nina J. Designs are artistic figures, nature and aquatic scenes which are created in bold and vibrant colors on canvas or a piece of clay. Each or Nina J's creations is simple, sleek, chic, discrete and designed to bring out your inner individuality and sense of style.

The realization of each of Nina J’s mixed media paintings have been rooted in her dreams. The original artwork and original clay blocks are further designed and transformed into accessories: limited edition silk and cotton scarves and table linens. Click here to see the many accessories and Click here to see the table linens.

Nina J’s line of botanical ceramics grew from her love of gardening and her appreciation for nature’s innate beauty. Each ceramic piece is made from fresh flowers, leaves and herbs that are pressed into clay and fired, resulting in a glazed fossilized finish. Dinnerware is food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe. Click here to see the many ceramics items available including dishes, platters, mugs, vases and more.

To provide further uniqueness to our products and processes, there are museums throughout the country who harvest botanicals from their own gardens and ship them to Nina J to create ceramics to sell exclusively in their museum shops. She is also invited to do trunk shows at museums such as James Madison’s Montpelier, the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, as well as the Kennedy Center; to name a few. Growing in popularity are Nina J’s personalized fossilized wedding flower platters, plates and bowls which make memorable gifts for every newlywed and wedding party.

Nina J Design products are sold online, in boutiques and in museums throughout the United States. Click here to find a museum location near you. With our in-house team of graphic designers and operations experts, Nina J. Design Studios is an easy choice for unique, high quality custom work and product development.

Our ceramics are hand-built in Virginia while our textile products designed by our in-house team in Virginia but, manufactured in our factory in India.

As a business we strive to be eco-friendly in all we do. We believe in fair trade and employ artisan women in India, providing them ways to improve their standard of living.

“Live and Walk with Art”™



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